Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Fokker CV M/33 shot down near Air Base Værløse 9/4-1940.


The aircraft belonged to the Danish Army Air Force and was coded R-49
T/O Værløse.  O/p Recce


Pilot Lieutenant Vilhelm Godtfredsen and Observer Second Lieutenant Gustav Friedrich Brodersen took off from Værløse Air Base in Fokker R-49 for a recce mission, and at the same time aircrafts from I./ZG 1 attacked the air base from the east.


  (Flyvevåbnets Historiske Samling via Niels Helmø Larsen)

Pilot Lieutenant Vilhelm Godtfredsen


  (Flyvevåbnets Historiske Samling via Niels Helmø Larsen)

Observer Second Lieutenant Gustav Friedrich Brodersen


As Gruppenkommandeur Hauptman Wolfgang Falck of I./ZG 1 arrived over Værløse he could see the sun reflecting in the rotating propellers of aircrafts being readied for flight and also spotted R-49 taking off and shot it down at 06:25*hrs. It crashed in a field just outside the air base boundary killing both crew members.

At the base many of the aircrafts found in the open were destroyed.

When the attack had stopped, a military ambulance brought the remains of the two fallen airmen to the chapel at the military hospital on Air Base Værløse where they were examined.

Lieutenant Vilhelm Godtfredsen was laid to rest in Garnisions Cemetery in København on 14/4-1940 while Second Lieutenant Gustav Friedrich Brodersen was  laid to rest from Søndermark Crematorium, Frederiksberg on 14/4-1940.

 *Note: The death certificates for Godtfredsen/Brodersen states 06:25 hrs while Falck states 06:38 for the claim.



 (Billed Bladet via Lars Larsen)

From the Godtfredsen funeral.


 (Mikkel Plannthin)


 (Billed Bladet via Lars Larsen)

From the Brodersen funeral


 (Mikkel Plannthin)



Source: Værløse parish register. Death certificate Godtfredsen / Brodersen. “Falkenjahre” by Wolfgang Falck. Carsten Petersen. Niels Helmø Larsen.



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