Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Hudson V AM684 shot down off Hanstholm harbour 5/4-1942.

The aircraft belonged to RCAF (RAF) 407 Sqn. Coastal Command and was coded RR-O.
T/o Bircham Newton. Op : Saucer

At 10:40 the Hudson passed Hanstholm harbour in a southerly direction turning towards north west to attack the German Vorpostboot VP 2009 which laid outside the harbour.
Light flak from 4./MA-A118 opened fire with 3,7 cm and 2.0 cm flak. After 3 rounds from the 2 cm cannon and 3 rounds from the 3,7 cm cannon the Hudson was hit in a fuel cell by a 3.7 cm round and crashed into the sea 700 metres off Hanstholm from a altitude of 50 metres.
The Vorpostboot sailed to the crashsite and picked up the dead bodies of Wop/Air Gnr. W/O II Samuel Douglas Dean RCAF and Pilot F/Sgt Leo George Murphy RCAF as well as a wheel and part of the landing gear.
The flyers were both laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on 11/4 1942.
On 22/7 the body of Wop/Air Gnr. F/Sgt Arthur Kenneth Hamilton RCAF was found and brought to Frederikshavn from Thisted. He was laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on 27/7 1942.

Air observer Sgt. Joseph F.H. La Freniere RCAF have no known grave and is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial


                                        (Museumcenter Hanstholm)

Part of the Hudson were used as a trophy by the Germans




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