Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Beaufort I N1172 crashed in the North Sea on 8/4-1942.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 42 Sqn. Coastal Command and was coded AW-S.
T/O 13:15 Leuchars. OP: Anti shipping.

Took off with one more aircraft heading for area VPPJ 3342. At 15:23 a convoy of six ships was sighted in position YSPJ 4250 and attacked.
The aircrafts each dropped one torpedo against a 5000 tonnes vessel but no results was observed due to heavy flak.
N1172 was last seen with something white, perhaps petrol, coming from the trailing edges of wings.
Pilot John G. Morrison RCAF of Seattle, USA and Observer F/S Arthur B. Johnson have no known graves and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.
The dead body of W/Op-Air Gnr. Sgt Ernest Shepherd was found drifted ashore near Emmelev Klev on 25/7-42. He was laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 28/7 1942.
W/Op-Air Gnr. Sgt Thomas Pugh rests in Hamburg War Cemetery, Germany.


                   (Via Finn Buch)



Sources: AIR 27/436, UA, BE, CWGC.


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