Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Halifax BII W7886 crashed near Sdr. Stenderup 17/1-1943.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 35 Sqn Bomber Command and was coded TL-C.
T/O 17:03 Graveley. OP: Berlin.

Returning to England W7886 was attacked by a German JU 88C night fighter from 10./NJG 3 which was controlled by the radar station FAUN based on the island of Fyn. The pilot of the JU 88 was Feldwebel Herbert Holz with the crew of Unteroffizier Kurt Schilcher and Gefreiter Hermann Bremicker.

At 21:34 hours the Halifax crashed in flames in a field belonging to Laurits Juel in what is today known as Mørkholtvej 19 Sdr. Stenderup. The aircraft had started to come apart while still in the air and the vertical stabiliser was found on the bank of the Small Belt and two engines was found in the nearby forest. Before the crash three crewmembers managed to get out of the Halifax and saving their lives by means of parachute.

The wreckage on the beach



The pilot Sqn.Ldr. Ian M.R. Brownlie landed in a forest which was next to the crashsite. He released the parachute and followed a small road thru the forest. This led him to the forester house where he met Forrester Lassen. They discussed the chances of escaping, and since they were rather small Brownlie decided to give himself up. A phone call was made for the Parish Executive Officer and soon after German soldiers arrived to arrest Brownlie whom they took to the local German post in Gl. Aalbo.

Shortly after Oberleutnant Fröeber arrived and took Brownlie to Kolding where he was questioned.

                                  (Henry Pedersen)

Pilot Sqn. Ldr. Ian M. R. Brownlie

At 12:10 hours the Danish police received a call from the Sdr. Stenderup telephone exchange informing them that an English flyer was present in Fisherman Peter Vogensens house at Agtrupvis Strand.
Three policemen drove there and arrested Navigator F/L Jack Kenneth Corke. The German Wehrmacht was informed about Corkes capture and the Danish police then took him to Adjudant Hauptmann Belke at the Sdr. Stenderup Temperance Hotel. At 15:30 hours Corke was taken to the Wehrmacht HQ in Kolding.


Corke being arrested by the Danish police

At 16:00 hours it was reported from Fyn that a wounded flyer had been found and was kept by the Wehrmacht in Middelfart. It was Flt. Engr. Sgt A M. Taylor who had been wounded while in the aircraft and again when he released his parachute after having landed in some tall trees. He was later taken to the German military hospital in Hald for treatment. After some months he was transferred to the hospital at Lamsdorf and Stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf.

                              (Henry Pedersen)

Flt. Engr. Sgt A M. Taylor

Brownlie and Corke were after a couple of days sent to Dulag Luft for interrogation and then passed on to Offlag XXIB Schubin bei Bromberg and later to Stalag Luft III Sagan.

At 18:00 hours on 19/1 it was reported that the dead body of an English flyer had drifted ashore near Hagenør on the northern bank of Kolding Fjord. The body of Mid upper gunner P/O Laurence R. Adcock was handed over to the Wehrmacht.


                              (Henry Pedersen)

Mid upper gunner P/O Laurence R. Adcock

When the fire in the wreck died out three bodies was retrieved and together with that of Adcock taken to Esbjerg where they were laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery on 21/3-1943.
They were Bomber F/S Frederick D.M. McColl, Wop P/O Frederick A. Braybrook and Rear gunner P/O William A. McMullan.


                                (Henry Pedersen)

Bomber F/S Frederick D.M. McColl


                            (Henry Pedersen)

Wop P/O Frederick A. Braybrook


  (Henry Pedersen)


                             (Henry Pedersen)

Rear gunner P/O William A. McMullan.



                            (Henry Pedersen)

Mid upper gunner P/O Laurence R. Adcock and wife.




  (Henry Pedersen)

Braybrooks parents visiting his grave.





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