Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster III ED614 crashed Vester Vedsted 21/4-1943.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 103 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded PM-G.
T/o 21:41 Elsham Wolds. Op: Stettin.

At midnight the Lancaster was seen on fire over Vester Vedsted while being fired at by a German night fighter piloted by Hauptman Baer of 4./NJG 3 with the crew of Feldwebel Lingen and Oberfeldwebel Heise.
At 00:02 the tail broke off the Lancaster which fell to the ground.
When local people arrived on the scene they heard a moaning from the tail of the aircraft and it turned out that the tail gunner F/Sgt Patrick J. Cramer RAAF was still alive. He was taken to Ribe hospital where he perished later on the same night.


       (Berenice Wood via Anne Storm)

Tail gunner F/Sgt Patrick J. Cramer RAAF.


The whole crew were laid to rest in Fourfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 30/4.


Apart from Cramer it were: Pilot P/O George M. Pettigrew , Flt. Engr. Sgt. James Cooper, Air Gnr. Sgt. Arthur Daley DFM, Air Gnr. Sgt. Raymond G. Elkins, Bomb Aimer Sgt. Archibald I. Mackay and Observer Sgt. Walter D. Ramsay.


A memorial was inaugurated at the crashsite on 21/4 2012











Sources: LBUK, RL 19/455+456, BE, Nonnenmacher file


The night of 20/21 April 1943

Halifax II JB930 crash landed near Esbjerg 20/4-1943

Lancaster III ED620 crashed near Stadil 20/4-1943

Lancaster III ED614 crashed Vester Vedsted 21/4-1943

Unknown Lancaster crashed Strandgården farm, Halskov 21/4-1943

Stirling III BK714 crashed Tarp, Esbjerg 21/4-1943

Stirling III BF508 crashed in Fænøsund on 21/4 1943

Halifax II DT747 crashed Hjertingvej road in Sædding, Esbjerg 21/4-1943

Lancaster III ED557 believed crashed Store Bælt 21/4-1943

Stirling I R9261 crashed by Kongsmark on 21/41943

Halifax II HR722 crashed Store Bælt off Drøsselbjerg Klint 21/4-1943

Halifax II HR712 crashed Store Bælt near Slipshavn 21/4-1943

Stirling III BF463 crashed in Store Bælt off Halskov on 21/4 1943

Lancaster III ED818 crashed Vresen Ø 21/4-1943

Stirling III BF506 shot down by Bøgballe on 21/4 1943

Lancaster I W4330 crashed Vestbirk 21/4-1943

Halifax II HR714 crashed in the tidal area off the island of Mandø 21/4 1943.

Stirling III BK698 shot down over The North Sea on 21/4 1943

Stirling III BF476 crash-landed at Kragelund Fælled North of Vejle on 21/4 1943

Lancaster ED709 crashed Ringkøbing Fjord 21/4 1943


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