Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Wellington X HE395 crashed at Over Jersdal on 29/4 1943.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 196 Sqn Bomber Command and was coded ZO-?.
T/o 20:55 Leconfield. OP: Gardening Forget-me-not (Kiel bay)

Returning towards west over Denmark from the target area HE395 was picked up on radar by “Amiese” radar on Løjtland. 
The radar lead a Bf 110 nightfighter piloted by Leutnant Mees with Bordfunker Unteroffizier Ostheimer of 6./NJG 3 towards the Wellington.
HE395 caught fire and crashed at 00:15 in a field 500-600 metres south of Over Jersdal and broke completely up and burned.
The crew consisting of Pilot F/Lt Ian Numa Bonard, Navigator F/O John Joseph Wilfred Burns, Navigator Sgt Albert Robert Potter, W/op-Air Gnr. F/S Basil Arthur Curtis DFM and Air Gnr. P/O John Ireland Pearson Ford all died and were laid to rest in Aabenraa cemetery on 7/5-1943.

It should be noticed that the night fighter pilot Leutnant Mees have mixed the time for his two claims on this night in his report.











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Minelaying on the night of 28/29 April 1943

Lancaster I W4898 crashed in the southern part of Kattegat 29/4-1943

Stirling III BK807 crashed in Langelands Belt on 29/4 1943

Wellington X HE395 crashed at Over Jersdal on 29/4 1943

Stirling I BF447 shot down near Vrønding on 29/4 1943

Stirling III BF467 crashed in Langelands Belt near Kappel on 29/4 1943

Stirling III BF515 shot down by Taagerup on 29/4 1943

Wellington X HE170 tried to crash land near Bjerndrup 29/4 1943

Wellington X HZ278 crashed Esbjerg on 29/4 1943

Lancaster I W4945 crashed 29/4 1943 at Remmerstrand

Stirling I EF356 shot down near Aadum on 29/4 1943

Lancaster III ED733 crashed at Jordrup on 29/4-1943

Stirling I serial number R9290 crashed in the Langelandsbælt near Vesternæs of Lolland 29/4 1943



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