Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster III ED733 crashed at Jordrup on 29/4-1943.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 103 Sqn Bomber Command and was coded PM-X.
T/o 20:57 Elsham Wolds. OP: Gardening i Tangerine.

While westbound at 3500 metres the Lancaster was attacked by a German night fighter from 5./NJG 3 crewed by Oberleutnant Paul Szameitat, Oberleutnant Klöss and Feldwebel Blockus. At 03:51 the Lancaster exploded in the air and the wreckage fell to the ground on farmland belonging to the farms of Hovmosevej road 6 and 10, Jordrup. All onboard died.

On the same day six crewmembers was found and by the Wehrmacht brought to the radar station “Fledermaus” at Fitting. On 2/5 it was reported that the last flyer had been found and taken to “Fledermaus”. They were all laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 7/5-1945.

They were: Pilot Sgt Arthur D. Nicholson, Bomb Aimer James C. Lilley, Air Gnr. F/O Thomas James Daley, Navigator F/O Leonard Meakin, Flt. Engr. Sgt George L.K. McCallum, Air Gnr. Sgt Maurice D. Peters and Air Gnr. Sgt Abraham Segal.


 (Poul Christensen)








All above pictures from Kolding Museum


   (Via Støvring lokalhistoriske Arkiv)


   (Via Støvring lokalhistoriske Arkiv)


   (Via Støvring lokalhistoriske Arkiv)


   (Via Støvring lokalhistoriske Arkiv)


   (Via Støvring lokalhistoriske Arkiv)


The personnel from Radarstation "Fledermaus" secured a few items from the wreckage. These were placed in front of a Splittermauer to celebrate the radarstation participating in the claim. This was apparently the second time that the radar station had taken part in a claim. The radarstation had only been declared operational as per 1/4-1943.


 (Poul Christensen)


 (Poul Christensen)


 (Poul Christensen)


 (Lisa Garfitt)

 Arthur D. Nicholson having just joined the RAF


 (Lisa Garfitt)

Pilot Sgt Arthur D. Nicholson





The first British cross on Peters grave.


Letter received by Peters widow







Medals received Post Portem

The above from Matt Cooper










August 2019 I was contacted by Lisa Garfitt who told me that she would be visiting Denmark in September. She would like to learn about Sgt Arthur Nicholson who was her mothers cousin and had died over Denmark during the war. Where did he crash ? Any memorials etc .

I promised to take her to the crash site in Jordrup and to get some good scans of existing photos for her. She and her husband arrived on 10. September at my place, and after a cup of thee and a little talking we drove to the crashsite at Jordrup, about ½ hour away. Sadly it was raining a bit. She had brought with her a small cross that was fixed to a three next to the field where the plane had crashed. Walking around the field various minor bits and pieces was found to bring back to England. After a couple of hours She and her husband continued to Esbjerg to visit the grave of Nicholson and his crew.




Sources: CWGC, LBUK, RL 19/455+456, TW, BCL.


Minelaying on the night of 28/29 April 1943

Lancaster I W4898 crashed in the southern part of Kattegat 29/4-1943

Stirling III BK807 crashed in Langelands Belt on 29/4 1943

Wellington X HE395 crashed at Over Jersdal on 29/4 1943

Stirling I BF447 shot down near Vrønding on 29/4 1943

Stirling III BF467 crashed in Langelands Belt near Kappel on 29/4 1943

Stirling III BF515 shot down by Taagerup on 29/4 1943

Wellington X HE170 tried to crash land near Bjerndrup 29/4 1943

Wellington X HZ278 crashed Esbjerg on 29/4 1943

Lancaster I W4945 crashed 29/4 1943 at Remmerstrand

Stirling I EF356 shot down near Aadum on 29/4 1943

Lancaster III ED733 crashed at Jordrup on 29/4-1943

Stirling I serial number R9290 crashed in the Langelandsbælt near Vesternæs of Lolland 29/4 1943



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