Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Douglas Boston IIIA BZ232 crashed in the North Sea 29/7-1943.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 88 Sqn, Second Tactical Air Force and was coded RH-?.
T/O 07:17 Swanton Morley. OP: Air Sea Rescue mission.

Six aircrafts from 88 Sqn were detailed for a search for a dinghy. When the search was ended after one hour and a quarter one of the other Bostons aw BZ232 hit the sea with the left wing tip and crash.
This happened at 09:36 on a position of 53`57N and 04:39E. One crew member was seen to be thrown clear and a dinghy was dropped for him and he was seen to enter it. The Bostons circled the area for an hour transmitting. They then had to return to base due to lack of fuel, and when other aircraft was sent there they were not able to find the dinghy but only to se parts of the wreck in the water.
The crew of four must be considered to be dead.

The body of W/Op-Air Gnr. Sgt Stephen Kenny was found washed ashore on Peter Meyers Sand near Sønderho on the island of Fanø on 1/9 and was laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 2/9 1943.

Pilot Sgt Michael C.Thompson, Navigator Sgt George H. Gibbs and Air Gnr. Sgt John Riddell have no known grave and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.



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