Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster III EE117 crashed Ustrup 18/8-1943.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 619 Sqn and was coded PG-L.
T/o 21:51 Woodhall Spa. OP: Peenemünde.

While returning over Denmark EE117 was attacked by a Bf 110 night fighter at 3500 metre altitude. The night fighter was crewed by pilot Oberleutnant Hans Meisner and funker Josef Krinner of 2./NJG 3.

Oberleutnant Hans Meisner


At 03:11 hours the Lancaster fell to the ground in a field near Ustrup, 7 kilometres south west of Haderslev killing all onboard.


The crashsite

The crew were Pilot Wing Cdr. Irwin J. McGhie, P/O Victor G. Stabell RAAF, Flt.Engr. Sgt Peter J. Horsham, Navigator F/O Elmont G. Prest RCAF, Air Bomber P/O Peter M. Goldsmith RAAF, W/Op-Air Gnr. Sgt Ford A. Thompson RCAF, Air Gnr. Sgt William A. Mitchell and Air Gnr Sgt Alfred C. Chapman.


                   (Via Finn Buch)

Navigator F/O Elmont G. Prest RCAF


   (Terry Kelly)

P/O Victor G. Stabell RAAF

They were all laid to rest in Aabenraa cemetery on 27/8 1943 even thou there is a slight uncertainty concerning Stabell. He is recorded to have been laid to rest with his comrades on 21/8 but is then again recorded to have been laid to rest on 27/8 1943. This time in another grave.

It should be mentioned that the records from the cemetery in Aabenraa were destroyed by the Germans at the end of was. Today only exist a few pages whish had been stolen by a Dane.


A memorial stone have been erected near the crash site.









   (Flemming Hansen)

Sources: BA, LBUK, CWGC, BCL, TW.


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