Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Halifax II JD269 crashed north of Esbjerg 14/9-1943

The aircraft belonged to RAF 138 Sqn Bomber Command and was coded NF-Q.
T/o 18:04 Tempsford. OP:SOE to Neon 9 in Poland. Dropzone Pierzyna 206 near Minsk.

Outbound while over Esbjerg the aircraft was hit by flak from 2./flak u. sperrbattr. Femhøje ,3/flak u.sperrbattr.Fanø , 6/3.zug Saedding. 7/lei flakzug Seehafen-nord fra M.flak A.204 and crashed at 21:40 hours near the railroad line Esbjerg-Varde 6 kilometres north of Esbjerg killing all onboard.


 (RM 45 III 315 via Carsten Petersen)


 (RM 45 III 315 via Carsten Petersen)


Hauptmann Rose from Abwehrstelle Aarhus inspected the wreckage and found 180.000 US $ as well as sub machine guns, machine guns and a mortar with ammunition. Furthermore he declared that there had been found eight crew members and two civilians in the wreckage.
The crew consisted of Pilot F/Lt Angus J.M. Milne, Navigator F/O Ian MacLean DFC, W/Op-Air Gnr. P/O Philip E. Rollins, Air Gnr. P/O Jack R. Scarles, Flt. Engr. F/Sgt Frank Shuttleworth, Air Gnr. Sgt Edward J. Smyth and Air Bomber P/O Thomas R. Wilson.

There were three Polish agents in the aircraft as well. They were Lt Wladyslaw Siakiewicz "Mruk", Lt Kazimierz Lewko "Palec" and Lt Ryszard Kazimierz Skowronski "Lechita".

All were laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery on 21/9 1943. One of the agents rest as an unknown Pilot Officer W/Op – Air Gnr. while his two comrades were laid to rest as unknown English saboteurs in the civilian part of the cemetery. The civilian graves were deleted in 1963. In spring 2016 proper headstones were erected for the three agents in the CWGC plot in Fourfeldt.

It should be mentioned that there have been erected grave stones carrying the names of the agents in Poznan Allied Cemetery in Poland.










    (Bob Cobley)


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