Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Halifax II JN924 landed in England after having been attacked off Nymindegab 2/10-1943.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 51 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded MH-H.
T/O 17:56 Snaith. OP: Gardening in the Baltic Sea.

After having planted two Mark IV mines from 6009 feet altitude at 21:47 hours in the allotted area JN924 returned towards England. When flying at 10 000 feet over the North Sea off Ringkøbing at 23:03 hours the rear gunner Sgt F.J. Dimond sighted a German night fighter piloted by Unteroffizier Edmund Florian of 11./NJG 3 at port quarter down at 300 yards. Pilot F/O D.J. Cheal put the Halifax into a port corkscrew and Dimond opened fire using approx. 100 rounds. So did the night fighter with what seemed to be heavy armament from both wings.

The Halifax was hit in the rear turret rendering the turret and the intercom u/s. Dimond was cut from the broken Perspex. The fighter now climbed to a dead astern position and the mid upper gunner Sgt J.A. MacKenzie RCAF opened fire at 100 yards using 150 rounds and the fighter was claimed as damaged.

The Halifax landed safely back in England at 01:50 hours and was found to have received damage rear turret, port elevator fabric torn away, holes in starboard of fuselage, C.O.2 dinghy inflation bottle exploded rendering dinghy u/s, internal damage to Halifax.

The rest of the crew were: Navigator P/O E.A. Alliston, Bombardier F/O J.C. Bonet RCAF, Wop Sgt H.M. Smith and Flt. Engr. K. Holt.

It should be mentioned that Unteroffizier Edmund Florian was actually granted the claim of a 4-mot. Flzg. Shot down in MQ-3.4a from 2.200 m altitude at 22.49.


Sources: AIR 50/189+27/492, TW, Nonnenmacher file.


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