Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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B 17F 42-29711 crashed in the Baltic Sea on 9/10 1943.

The aircraft belonged to USAAF, 8 Air Force, 91 Bomb Group, 322 Bomb Squadron and was coded LG-V.
T/O Bassingbourn. OP: Anklam.

The aircraft which by its crew was called “Chief Sly II” is believed to have crashed into the Baltic Sea south west of Gedser somewhere around 12:30 hours with the loss of all onboard.

On 10/10 the dead body of Pilot 1st Lt Charles B. Pinning was found near Gedser and was laid to rest in Svinø cemetery on 12/10 1943.

On 26/10 the body of Navigator 2nd Lt Walter Cavanaugh was found near Gedser and was laid to rest in Svinø cemetery on 29/10 1943.

On 31/10 the body of Co pilot 2nd Lt Edward H. Tomer was found washed ashore near Bøtøgaard farm and was laid to rest in Svinø cemetery on 3/11 1943.

On 4/11 the body of Tail gunner S/Sgt Joseph E. Carrasquillo was found near Birkemose and was laid to rets in Svinø cemetery on 8/11 1943.

On 3/7 1944 the body of Right waist gunner Sgt Joseph J. Arasimowicz was found near Marienlyst and was laid to rest in Svinø cemetery on 4/7 1944.

Their remains were disinterred on 8/5 1948 and were evacuated to the American cemetery at Neuville en Condron in Belgium by the US military.
Flight Engineer T/Sgt John F. Robinson and Left waist gunner Vincent A. White were both laid to rest in Sweden after being found on the South coast. Robinson on 9/12 1943 and White on 30/12 1943.
They were all later transferred to cemeteries within the USA.

Bombardier 2nd Lt Dale C. Engell, Radio operator S/Sgt Rudy Olague and Ball turret gunner S/Sgt Joseph Bielecki have no known grave and their names are found on Tablets of the Missing at Cambridge American Cemetery, Cambridge, England.


                   (William Howard, Jr.)

The crew.

Top row left to right: Carrasquillo, Robinson, Arasimowicz, White, Bielecki, Olaque.

Bottom row: Tomer, Cavanaugh, Pinning, Rolnick.

Rolnick hit his head on the bombbay door and was replaced by Dale Engell on this trip.


Sources: MACR, BS, AS 19-301, LBUK, MFS, ABMC.


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