Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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B 17F 42-30802 crashed on Juvre Sande on the island of Rømø 9/10 1943.

The aircraft belonged to USAAF, 8 Air Force, 388 Bomb Group, 560 Bomb Squadron and was named “Gynida”.
T/O Knetishall. OP: Gdynia.

When crossing the Danish West coast on the way back to England from Gdynia the foamation was attacked by German fighters. At 14:54 “Gynida” was shot down by a German JU 88 night fighter coded D5+OX from 12./NJG 3 crewed by Pilot Leutnant Hermann Stock, Radio operator Gefreiter Willy Eiben and Flt. Engr. Unteroffizier Heinz Philip. They had taken off from Fliegerhorst Grove at 13:59 hours and landed back at Grove again at 15:21. Before the B 17F crashed at Bollert Sand on the north end of the island of Rømø the crew had left it by parachute.

                                         (Via Martin Reimers)

Radiooperator T/Sgt Eugene W. Tobias was the first to land, and did so next to the German barracks on the south west coast of the island of Mandø, breaking one leg. The rest of the crew landed one after another in a straight line on Koresand to the south of the island. After landing they started walking towards Mandø where they were greeted by the Germans based there. They were placed in a dune next to the barracks and guarded by a machine gun until later the same day when they were put in a truck and driven to the airfield near Esbjerg. After a day or two they were sent to Germany and the POW camps.

The crew were apart from Tobias : Pilot 2.Lt Henry C. Kinney Jr., Co Pilot 2.Lt Chester G. Clem, Navigator 2.Lt William W. Lawrence, Bombardier 2.Lt William H. Wakley, Engineer/ Top turret gunner T/Sgt John Browchuck, Right waist gunner S/Sgt John J. Risse, Left waist gunner S/Sgt George H. King, Ball turret gunner S/Sgt Donald N. Goodin and Tail gunner S/Sgt William E. Maki.


                                   (Via Martin Reimers)


Kilder : AS 64-960, Stock via Jørgen Helme, MACR.


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