Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster III ND365 crashed near Vornæs 15/2 1944.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 7 Sqn Bomber Command and was coded MG-L.
T/o17:01 Oakington. OP: Berlin.

On its way towards Berlin ND365 was shot down by a German night fighter and crashed in the sea off Vornæs on the island of Taasinge. It is believed that the Lancaster was claimed by Hauptmann Erhard Peters of 9./NJG 3 at 20:04. The Lancaster exploded in the air killing six members of the crew of eight.
The fuselage crashed into the sea 100 metres off Vornæs while two engines were found on the beach and two were found in a nearby forest.

                                  (Via Finn Buch)


                                           (Via Finn Buch)


                                     (Via Finn Buch)


The dead bodies of P/O James M. Alexander CGM and W/O Walter Hawkins DFC were on 16/2 found floating in their Mae West`s in the sea south east of the island of Skarø by Fisherman Marius Eriksen and his daughter Inger. The bodies were taken to Skarø end placed in an outbuilding. The police was informed and they in turn informed the Wehrmacht who would take care of the flyers. An officer and sex privates arrived from Svendborg with two coffins. The flyers were placed in the coffins and loaded on a horse drawn carriage driven by Grocer Madsen and taken to the church. The flyers were laid to rest in Skarø cemetery in the night of 16/17 February 1944 by the Germans who refused Erichsen and Madsen permission to be present.


Williams, Stanisforth, Alexander, Ansty (not on this flight), Hawkins, Glaus, Sefton.

On 6/3 the body of F/Lt Arthur J. Sayer was found in the sea 100 metre north of the crash site by Fiskerman Laurits Hansen and Smallholder Christian Rasmussen who took it to the beach of Vornæs forest. It was found that a bullet had passed thru Sayers head. At 20:00 hours the body was picked up by four German soldiers who brought a white coffin in which they placed Sayers. The coffin was taken to Landet cemetery where Sayers was laid to rest on the night of 6/7 March 1944. Vicar Nielsen received permission by the Germans to officiate at the graveside ceremony.

The body of F/Sgt Louis G. Glaus was found in the sea between the wreckage 400 metres off Vornæs on 30/6 and brought ashore. On 1/7 the Wehrmacht placed the body in a coffin and took it to Landet cemetery where it was laid to rest on the same day. Vicar Nielsen officiated at the graveside ceremony.

Where and when the bodie`s of F/Lt Raymond R.S. Ballantyne DFM and F/Sgt Norman B: Sefton was found is not known. On 12/5 1945 their remains were found buried on the grounds of the Dragoon Barracks in Svendborg. On 17/5 1945 their remains were finally laid to rest in Svendborg cemetery, Reverend Petersen officiated at the graveside ceremony which were attended by an officer and 6 privates of the British army, an guard of honour of resitance fighters, County chief administrative officer Lassen, Judge Filip Hansen, Mayor Ferdinand Jensen, Kaptain Krarup and Baron Schaffalitzky de Muckadell as well as several local people.


                     (Via Henry Pedersen)

 F/Lt Raymond R. S. Ballantyne DFM

Airbomber F/Sgt George Stanisforth managed to bail out of the burning aircraft and landed in a field on the island of Skarø and broke one leg. He did not manage to release the parachute and was pulled across the frozen field hitting his head on rocks. He was found by Edvard Broholm and Rasmus Andersen who lifted hin down to the beach and cleaned the blood from his face. Stanisforth was then brought to the home of Rasmus Andersen.


Airbomber F/Sgt George Stanisforth

Pilot F/Lt P.K.B. Williams also bailed out of the burning bomber and landed in the sea off the island of Skarø. He managed to get up in his dinghy and shouted for help. He was heard by the brothers Aage and Hans Strange Rasmussen who set out in a small boat and brought him ashore. Williams was taken to the house of Marius Erichsen and given dry clothes.

Both were picked up by the Wehrmacht and taken to Svendborg where they met. After questioning Staniforth was taken by ambulance to the German lazaret in Fredericia for treatment. He stayed there for three month and was well treated. Next he was sent to a camp in Annaburg between Leipzig and Berlin. This camp was for prisoners of war who was to be repatriated due to being wounded. Stanisforth and 2195 other wounded allied soldiers and 850 civilians were brought to Marseilles where they were loaded onboard ships. On 5/2 1945 Staniforth and 762 other arrived at Princes Dock in Liverpool onboard “Arundel Castle” at 18:00 hours.

Williams was sent from Svendborg to German and spent the rest of the war in Stalag Luft III Sagan.

                                 (Museet for Danmarks frihedskamp)

F/Lt Arthur J. Sayer


                                                       (Finn Buch)

Landet Cemetery









    (Via Finn Buch)


    (Finn Buch)




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