Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster III ND625 crashed Sejerø Bay 10/4 1944.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 166 Sqn Bomber Command and was coded AS-S.
T/o 21:25 Kirmington. OP: Gardening Danzig bay.

Outbound ND625 was attacked by a German night fighter from 12./NJG 3 while flying at 5500 metres altitude and crashed into the Sejerø Bay at 00:06 hours 10 kilometres SSE of Sejerø island lighthouse on position 55`50N 11`05E killing the whole crew.
The night fighter was a Bf 110G-4 coded D5+AX with the crew of Hauptman Eduard Schröder, Kaisig and Brusendorf. They had taken off from Fliegerhorst Westerland at 23:10 hours and landed there again at 00:55 hours.

Mid upper gunner Sgt Henry W. Pound was found in the sea off the island of Nexelø on 11/4 and was laid to rest in Kalundborg cemetery on 14/4 1944.

On 3/6 the dead body of W/op Sgt Kenneth Clough was found in the Sejerø Bay north of Nexelø island and brought to Kalundborg where it was laid to rest in Kalundborg cemetery on 7/6 1944.




Bombardier F/Sgt Thomas R. Dunlop was laid to rest in Sejerø cemetery on 2/7 1944. His body was found on the Sejerø Eastern Reef the day before.


                                        (Jens Fisker)


                                                (Jens Fisker)

The graves of Bombardier F/Sgt Thomas R. Dunlop and
Pilot F/O William C. Fairgrieve from Lancaster X KB751 17/8 1944


Rear gunner Sgt George E. Dyckhoff was washed ashore 13/7 near Ordrup and was laid to rest in Faarevejle cemetery, probably the next day.



  ( Finn Buch)

A grave stone, paid for by the local people of the parish, was inaugurated on  May 4. 1947





Flt.Engr. Sgt Fred G. Shields was washed ashore on Odden South Beach on 8/6 and was laid to rest in Odden/Overby cemetery on 9/6 1944.

The body of P/O Percy J. Dunstan was found washed ashore on the beach of Lumsås Forstrand on 14/6 and was laid to rest in Odden/Overby cemetery on 15/6 1944.

Navigator Wt/O John M. McCallum RCAF was found washed ashore not far from Yderby on 12/5 and was laid to rest in Odden/Overby cemetery on the same day.










The RAF Graves. 

Three airmen lost their lives over Sejerøbugten bay in 1944.  All the parishioners of Odden participated in the first burial ceremony and the beautiful flowers on the coffin were in RAF colours (of red, white and blue).  At the time it the Vicar, Mr Petri, who served this Church for 34 years in all.  The Germans were none too pleased about this show of sympathy and said there should be no further funeral ceremonies or bell-ringing for British airmen.  To avoid reprisals this strict instruction was largely honoured for the funeral of the next airman although as is the tradition at Odden, the Church bells were rung after the ceremony.  The Germans once again demanded to know why this had happened and the bell-ringer said he was just ringing the bells to signal sunset.  As a consequence the Germans demanded that the Vicar must not participate in future ceremonies.  When the third airman was buried the Vicar disguised himself as the Sexton and could therefore participate in the ceremony after all.  This is the way the local folk of Odden are known for taking things with a smile and avoiding the rules.

Translation by Bob Cobley from



Sources: Flugbuck Schröder, FAF, UA, LBUK, Lighthouse administration, AS 9-218, TW.


On the night of 9/10 April 1944

Lancaster III JB725 crashed near Jellinge 9/4 1944

Lancaster III ND625 crashed Sejrø Bay 10/4 1944

Lancaster III JB600 crashed near Torrild 10/4 1944

Lancaster III ND420 crashed at Brande 10/4 1944

Lancaster III JB734 crashed near Gunderup 10/4-1944

Lancaster BI ME663 crashed Aale 10/4 1944

Lancaster III ND675 crashed near Filskov 10/4 1944

Lancaster III JB709 crashed into the North Sea 10/4-1944

Lancaster I ME688 crashed into the North Sea 10/4-1944



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