Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster III JB734 crashed near Gunderup 10/4-1944

The aircraft belonged to RAAF (RAF) 460 Sqn and was coded AR-X.
T/o 21:15 Binbrook. OP: Gardening the Baltic Sea.

On the returnflight JB734 was attacked by a night fighter piloted by Unteroffizier Carl-Hans Hurth of
12./NJG 3 and crashed at Bjerremose bog 400 metres west of the farm belonging to Hans Christensen near Gunderup at 03:55 hours.

The crew consisting of Pilot P/O R.J. Proud RAAF, F/Sgt George W. Boyce RAAF, Air Gnr.Sgt Sidney Edwards, Flt. Engr. Sgt Thomas McKinstry, F/Sgt Donald H. Martin RAAF, F/Sgt Edgar Oberhardt RAAF and F/O Leonhardt M. Ryan RAAF all died. They were all laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 15/4 1944.

                                         (Via Ole Kraul)

F/Sgt Edgar Oberhardt RAAF


                                       (Ølgod Museum)

The wreck

                                          (Ølgod Museum)

Germans and a Dane guarding the wreck


                             (Via Finn Buch)

The graves at Fovrfelt cemetery










Sources: LBUK, LW, AS 63-311, BE.


On the night of 9/10 April 1944

Lancaster III JB725 crashed near Jellinge 9/4 1944

Lancaster III ND625 crashed Sejrø Bay 10/4 1944

Lancaster III JB600 crashed near Torrild 10/4 1944

Lancaster III ND420 crashed at Brande 10/4 1944

Lancaster III JB734 crashed near Gunderup 10/4-1944

Lancaster BI ME663 crashed Aale 10/4 1944

Lancaster III ND675 crashed near Filskov 10/4 1944

Lancaster III JB709 crashed into the North Sea 10/4-1944

Lancaster I ME688 crashed into the North Sea 10/4-1944



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