Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster I ME688 crashed into the North Sea 10/4-1944.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 207 Sqn Bomber Command and was coded EM-E.
T/O 21:26 Spilsby. OP: Gardening the Baltic Sea

ME668 is believed to have been shot down by a German night fighter at 04:27 just west of Blaavand while on the return flight. The night fighter is believed to have been piloted by Leutnant Heinz reuter of 3./NJG 3.

All onboard the Lancaster died.
Air Gnr. Sgt Charles R. Hanks and Air Gnr. Sgt Thomas Heslop were found washed ashore on the beach near Blaavand on 13/4 and were laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 15/4 1944.



Friday 30/6 the body of an unidentified English flyer was found in Beach area no. 24, Søgaard by receiver of wrecks Thyge A. Thygesen. There was found no ID marks. The police was called and searched the body before the Wehrmacht was advised that it had been found. The police constable found six photos which showed the deceased person. The constable did not tell the police officer in charge about the pictures but sent them to the police headquater in København (Copenhagen).
The German head of the barracks in Hvide Sande Chrieves wanted to handle the funeral. The body was however left on the beach until 7/7 when the Wehrmacht reported to the police that it had been removed, not telling where to.
On 10/7 1949 Receiver of Wrecks Thyge A. Thygesen found the remains of a body on the beach where the body had been found in 1944.
As it turned out the Wehrmacht had buried the body on the beach where it had been found. The British authorities were informed and the body was identified by help of pictures the police constable had removed from the body back in 1944. It was the body of Navigator F/O John MacPherson. He was laid to rest in Nr. Lyngvig cemetery on 21/7 1949.






Pictures via N. P. Stampe




Pilot F/O Stanley A. Edmonds RAAF was found washed ashore in Beach area no. 2 on Aaberg Forstrand near Houvig on 30/8 1944 by the Wehrmacht.
Oberfeldwebel Ulbrezh called the Danish police and asked them to handle the funeral under the condition that there would be no procession. The police called the local Receiver of Wrecks and asked him to take the body to the church. He was however so unwilling to co-operate that Oberfeldwebel Ulbrezh lost his patience and declared that the Wehrmacht would handle the funeral. This they did at 21:00 hours on the same evening in Nysogn Church cemetery.



Flt. Engr. Sgt Stanley H. Mills, Air Bomber F/O Alexander C. McLeod RCAF and W/Op Sgt Robert Duffy have no known grave and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial


Sources: BE, Police report Ringkøbing, BCL, CWGC.


On the night of 9/10 April 1944

Lancaster III JB725 crashed near Jellinge 9/4 1944

Lancaster III ND625 crashed Sejrø Bay 10/4 1944

Lancaster III JB600 crashed near Torrild 10/4 1944

Lancaster III ND420 crashed at Brande 10/4 1944

Lancaster III JB734 crashed near Gunderup 10/4-1944

Lancaster BI ME663 crashed Aale 10/4 1944

Lancaster III ND675 crashed near Filskov 10/4 1944

Lancaster III JB709 crashed into the North Sea 10/4-1944

Lancaster I ME688 crashed into the North Sea 10/4-1944


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