Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Stirling III EF137 crashed near Vemmenæs east of the island of Tåsinge 23/4-1944.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 75 Sqn Bomber Command and was coded AA-E.
T/o 20:42 Mepal. OP: Gardening Radish (Fehmern Belt).

Outbound EF137 was attacked by a German nightfighter believed to have been piloted by Oberfeldwebel Rudolf Frank of 3./NJG 3. A fire started and a little later the bomber disintegrated in the air and fell in the sea off Vemmenæs at 23:20 hours killing the whole crew. The empennage fell in a field belonging to “Gravvængegaard” not far from where the fuselage fell.

                                              (Via Finn Buch)


                               (Via Finn Buch)


                                (Via Finn Buch)

At 24/4 at 03:42 it was reported by The Civil Air Defence that 3 bodies had been found. One had been found in the sea while two had fallen to their death in the fields.
At 09:15 it was reported that 7 bodies had been found. Two was found in the sea, one in some scrub near the beach while Tail gunner Larson was found in his turret.

There were found four mines which were detonated by the Wehrmacht on 26/4.

Left: Harrison, Larson, Bailey, Lammas and Vaughan


                       (Via Finn Buch)

Air Bomber F/S Robert Bailey


                  (Via Finn Buch)

Navigator F/S Douglas W. Vaughan


                   (Via Ole Kraul)

W/Op Sgt William F. Harrison RAF


                     (Via Ole Kraul)

Pilot F/S Mauson Lammas RNZAF


                (Via Ole Kraul)

Air Gnr. Sgt Ivar Larson RCAF

Pilot F/S Mauson Lammas RNZAF, Navigator F/S Douglas W. Vaughan RNZAF, Air Bomber F/S Robert Bailey RNZAF, W/Op Sgt William F. Harrison RAF, Flt. Engr. Sgt Edwin H. Thomas RAF, Air Gnr. Sgt Patrick F. Butler RAF and Air Gnr. Sgt Ivar Larson RCAF were transported to Aabenraa by the Wehrmacht and were laid to rest in Aabenraa cemetery on 1/5 1944.

Thomas was laid to rest in a separate grave while his comrades were placed in a common grave.

On 23/4 1994 a memorial erected. Speeches were given by Bishop Vincent Lind as well as the British Ambassador Hugh Arbutnot.
















Sources: BÅ, LBUK, CWGC, Report Hesselager police.


23/24 April 1944

Stirling III LJ526 crashed Øster Skerninge  23/4-1944

Halifax V LL235 crashed in the sea off Traner Odde 23/4-1944

Stirling III EF137 crashed near Vemmenæs east of the island of Tåsinge 23/4-1944

Halifax II HX151 crashed in the sea east of Omø island 23/4 1944

Halifax II LW270 crashed near Hjelm on the island of Lolland 23/4 1944



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