Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Mustang III FX955 shot down at Lundby Krat south of Aalborg 6/5 1944.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 19 Sqn. Fighter Command and was coded QV-W.
T/o 16:45 Coltishall. OP: Day Ranger to Denmark.

Two Mustangs from 19 Sqn. and two Mustangs from 122 Sqn. were detailed for a Day Ranger operation to Fliegerhorst Aalborg and Fliegerhorst Grove. One Mustang did not get airborne due to technical problems. The three others took off under command of Lt. Nyerod.

Aalborg West was attacked from the west at 19:10 hours and a couple of Ju 88’s which were parked in the open were fired at. The Mustangs then continued low level to Aalborg Ost where a German aircraft was set on fire.

After the attack four Fw 190`s were seen coming from the south and F/o Eric L. Germain flying FX955 was a little slow to gain height.

                                     (Nyerod via Ole Rønnest)

F/o Eric L. Germain


                    (Alfred J. Germain via Ole Rønnest)

F/o Eric L. Germain

Germain was attacked by two Fw 190`s and after being hit he tried to escape in a southerly direction with burning petrol leaking from the Mustang.
Uffz Lückenback of 10./JG 11 scored hits on the Mustang while flying at 10-20 metres and at approx. 19:12 hours Germain crashed in Lundby Krat wood south of Aalborg. A fire broke out and Germain was killed instantly.

The Wehrmacht placed his body in a tarpaulin and loaded it on the bed of a lorry.
On 17/5 1944 Germain was laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery.



Sources: LBUK, Claus Madsen, Aalborg, VL, BF, Steve Brooking.


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