Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Sren C. Flensted


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B 24GRVI EV947 crashed in the sea of Skagerak 15/7 1944.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 206 Sqn. Coastal Command and was coded PQ-E
T/O 20:18 Leuchars. OP: Anti shipping in the sea of Skagerak

EV947 crashed in the sea of Skagerak west of Denmark. 
The 206 and 210 and 281 Squadrons mounted a search for the B 24 and at 16:43 hours B 24 BX972 coded B of 206 Squadron sighted a dinghy with one occupant on position 57`35N 04`40E.
The B 24 circled the dinghy while markers were dropped as well as a radio and a food pack. These fell within 10-20 yards of the dinghy, but the occupant made no apparent effort to retrieve them.
A very large oil patch was sighted within one mile 210 degree from the dinghy, but no wreckage was seen. At 17:45 B sighted two aircrafts that turned out to be Warwick I P and C of 281 Squadron and lead them to the dinghy. They in turn dropped an airborne lifeboat at 18:10 hours and at 18:35 hours a Lindholme gear.
The B 24 left the dinghy in position 54`43N 04`28E at 19:10 hours. Also V of 210 Squadron spotted the dinghy and dropped supplies that fell within five yards. The survivor showed however no signs of life at that state.

On 16/7 the search continued and at 12:42 hours at position 57`42N 04`56E B 24 P of 206 Squadron spotted an inverted dinghy.
At 13:56 in position 57`49N 04`41E it was over a dinghy with one live survivor inside it. It reported the position and was at 16:05 hours ordered to resume patrol.
At 16:34 hours the dinghy was sighted by B 24 M.
Canso C of 162 Squadron was also over the dinghy and M continued its patrol returning to the dinghy at intervals.
At 18:35 hours the survivor fell out of the dinghy, hung on to the ropes, waved to C and finally at 19:50 hours floated away, face under water.
At 18:43 hours M observed that the survivor was no longer in the dinghy and at 19:07 hours it made contact with H.S.L. 2717 of No 10 Air Sea Rescue Unit and directed it to the dinghy. When H.S.L. 2717 was near the dinghy M resumed patrol.

The body of W/Op P/O Norman Hilton was picked up by H.S.L 2717 from a position of 57`42N 04`55E at 20:25 hours and brought to the No. 10 ASR Units base in Aberdeen at 19:10 hours.
The body was by ambulance taken to RAF Station Dyce and laid to rest in his hometown in Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn cemetery in Wales.

The dead body of Pilot F/O Lloyd B. Mollard RCAF was found washed ashore on the beach near Hjen on 4/9. He was laid to rest in Skagen cemetery on 7/9 1944.

Navigator F/O John E. Taylor RCAF, Wop/Ag F/O Alexander Forsyth RCAF, Wop/Ag F/O Allan G. Echlin RCAF and Wop/Ag F/O Albert A. Desilets RCAF, F/Sgt Charles McRobb, F/O William W. Preston, Sgt Ronald Fitch and Pilot F/O Brian W. Thynne have no known graves and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

Sources: AIR 28/463+27/1224+ 27/1074+27/1300+27/1614+24/416+24/441,ORB 10 ASR, FAF.


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