Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster I ME650 crashed at Sønder Grene near Skarrild 27/8 1944.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 630 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded LE-B.
T/o 19:58 East Kirkby. OP: Königsberg.

On the return flight ME650 was attacked by a night fighter and at 04:15 hours it crashed in a field belonging to Farmer Peter Petersen, Sønder Grene with the loss of all onboard.

                           (Skarrild Lokalarkiv)

                             (Skarrild Lokalarkiv)

                                (Skarrild Lokalarkiv)

                            (Skarrild Lokalarkiv)

                                             (Skarrild Lokalarkiv)


Six bodies were found in the burning wreck and one dead flyer was found in a field a couple of hundred metres away.

The Wehrmacht left the bodies in the field until 14:30 hours on the afternoon of 29/8 when four labourers from Fliegerhorst Vandel started digging a whole at the side of the field to dump the flyers in.

Constable Egon Christensen approached the officer in command and persuaded him in letting Christensen arrange for the bodies to be buried at Skarrild cemetery. The Germans accepted on the basis that there would be no expenses for the Wehrmacht to pay.

Christensen borrowed a horse drawn carriage at the nearby “Clasonborg” manor and placed the bodies on it and covered them with the Danish flag.

In the Skarrild cemetery a grave had been prepared and two large coffins had been placed in it. The carriage was parked next to it and Constable Christensen climbed down in the grave. One at a time the seven bodies were handed down to him and placed in the coffins. When this was done, Vicar Henrik Ingerslev officiated at the graveside ceremony. The Germans allowed the 40-50 attending Danes to sing one hymn. Before the end of the day the grave was covered with flowers.


                     (Via Ole Kraul)


                   (Via Ole Kraul)


                   (Via Ole Kraul)



                           (Skarrild Lokalarkiv)

Skarrild cemetery


The flyers were: Pilot F/Lt Evelyn G.W. Bowers, Navigator P/O Wilfred J. Fingland RCAF, Air bomber P/O Burton McLauchlin RCAF, Flt. Engr. Sgt Guy R. Stott, W/Op-Air Gnr. Sgt Leslie Thompson, Air Gnr. Sgt Alan A. M. Langbridge and W/O William J. Carrier RAAF.


                                  (Skarrild Lokalarkiv)

Rear: Stott, Langbridge, Carrier, Thompson
Front: McLauchlin, Bowers, Fingland


                 (Skarrild Lokalarkiv)

W/O William J. Carrier RAAF

Air bomber P/O Burton McLauchlin RCAF

Navigator P/O Wilfred J. Fingland RCAF


Each year on the evening of 5/5 on the day of the liberation of Denmark a ceremony is held at Skarrild Cemetery in honour of the flyers.

The grave as seen after the ceremony on 5/5 2005


The ceremony on 5/5 2005

The lost wingman performed by Royal Danish Airforce
















Sources: CWGC, BCL, Police report Kibæk, V.V. Thomsen, LBUK.


26/27 August 1944

Lancaster I LM127 crashed in the North Sea 27/8 1944

Lancaster III PB180 crashed the in Baltic Sea 27/8 1944

Lancaster III PB302 ditched in the North Sea 27/8 1944

Lancaster III ND807 crashed in the sea off the island of Sejrø 27/8-1944

Lancaster III LM652 crashed in the sea of Kattegat 27/8 1944

Lancaster III PB292 crashed Høgsholt near Vejle 27/8-1944

Lancaster III LM694 crashed Aastruplund 27/8 1944

Lancaster I ME650 crashed at Sønder Grene near Skarrild 27/8 1944



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