Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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P 51C-10-MT 43-25049 crashed in Grådybet 27/8-1944.

The aircraft belonged to USAAF, 8 Air Force 20 Fighter Group, 55 Fighter Squadron.
T/O KIngscliffe. OP: Berlin.

The P 51 that was named „Shorty“ was escorting bombers. The attack on Berlin was cancelled due to bad weather and Esbjerg was attacked as target of opportunity. The P 51`s attacked targets on the ground on and around the airfield. 2nd Lt Alfonso H. Kent´s aircraft was hit by flak and he continued out over the coast and bailed out a 2-3 miles off shore.
He landed in the waters of “Grådyb” and entered his dinghy. Soon he was picked up by the Danish fishing vessel E 147 “Jette Marie” and taken to Esbjerg where they had to hand him over to the German Marine who treated him a bit rough before he was handed over to the Luftwaffe at the airfield.
On 29/8 he was sent to Dulag Luft at Oberursel for interrogation. After a while he was sent to Stalag Luft I Barth.


Sources : MACR, UA,”Vestjyden”, ”Luftangreb på Vestjylland” by Petersen/Anthonisen, FB.


27/8 1944

P 51D 44-13936 crashed at Bov Mark near Frøslev 27/8-1944

B 17G-BO 43-37629 crashed at Sædden near Esbjerg 27/8-1944

B 17G-BO 42-37841 hit over Esbjerg 27/8-1944

P 51C-10-MT 43-25049 crashed in Grådybet 27/8-1944

P 51D-5-NA 44-13733 crashed in Grådyb 27/8-1944

P 51D-5-NA 44-13951 crashed in Grådyb 27/8-1944

P 51D-5-NA 44-13991 crashed in the North Sea 20 miles WSW of Blåvand 27/8-1944



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