Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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P 51D-5-NA 44-13991 crashed in the North Sea 20 miles WSW of Blåvand 27/8-1944.

The aircraft belonged to USAAF, 8 Air Force, 20 Fighter Group, 77 Fighter Squadron.
T/O Kingscliffe. OP: Berlin.

44-13991 was escorting bombers. The attack on Berlin was cancelled due to bad weather and Esbjerg was attacked as target of opportunity. The P 51`s attacked targets on the ground on and around the airfield.

2nd LT Edward W. Doerings aircraft was hit by flak and approximately 20 miles WSW of Blåvand a fire started and at 15:22 hours Doering bailed out. He landed in the water and entered his dinghy.

Aircrafts from his squadron circled the place until 15:25 hours when they returned to England.

The Danish fishing vessel E 24 “Eilif” of Esbjerg had seen the plane go down and set course for the place. At 17:20 Doering was picked up by “Eilif”.

A German vorpostboot have observed that Doering had been picked up and “Eilif” had to hand him over. He was sent to Dulag Luft in Oberursel for interrogation and ended up in Stalag Luft I Barth.

Sources: MACR, UA, ”Luftangreb på Vestjylland” by Petersen/Anthonisen.


27/8 1944

P 51D 44-13936 crashed at Bov Mark near Frøslev 27/8-1944

B 17G-BO 43-37629 crashed at Sædden near Esbjerg 27/8-1944

B 17G-BO 42-37841 hit over Esbjerg 27/8-1944

P 51C-10-MT 43-25049 crashed in Grådybet 27/8-1944

P 51D-5-NA 44-13733 crashed in Grådyb 27/8-1944

P 51D-5-NA 44-13951 crashed in Grådyb 27/8-1944

P 51D-5-NA 44-13991 crashed in the North Sea 20 miles WSW of Blåvand 27/8-1944



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