Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster III PB143 crashed at Ingerslev / Estruplund 30/8 1944.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 514 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded JI-B.
T/o 21:05 Waterbeach. OP: Stettin.

After having passed over the east coast of Jylland heading east PB143 was attacked by a German night fighter and severely damaged.

W/OP F/O Ronald F. Dell bailed out and landed in the sea. His dead body was recovered from the sea near the island of Læsø on 6/9 and was laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on 12/9 1944.


 (Ron Miller and Cheryl Misselbrook Miller)

W/OP F/O Ronald F. Dell


(Cheryl & Ron Miller)


Pilot P/O Thomas T. Charlton turned back towards west and reached land between Ingerslev and Estruplund where the Lancaster hit the beach and exploded killing all onboard.

Due to a 1000 lbs. MC bomb exploding, wreckage as well as human remains was spread over a wide area.

The Wehrmacht did nothing to collect the human remains until a 500 lbs. bomb that was found in the area had been detonated by the Wehrmacht.

This took about ten days.

Only then were the human remains collected. It was at first decided to bury these where found but local people managed to get permission to bury the crew at the nearby Estruplund cemetery.

On Sunday 17/9 1944 Assistant Priest C. M. Nielsen officiated at the graveside ceremony.

He had together with several more local people participated in the task of collecting the remains of the crew members.

The crew members laid to rest in Estruplund were: Pilot P/O Thomas T. Charlton, Flt. Engr. Sgt Reginal W. Pomroy, Navigator Sgt Norman Stevens, Air Bomber Sgt Kenneth M. Goodman, Air Gnr. Peter T. Devlin and Air Gnr. Walter E. Gibbs.


(John Scriven)

Navigator Sgt Norman Stevens


                            (Claus Madsen, Aalborg)

The grave at Estruplund cemetery


                  (Via Ib Lødsen)

A piece of the aircraft with a bullit hole




     (Jens Rønnest)



Sources: FAF, CWGC, LBUK, Loss Card, AIR27/1978.


Night of 29/30 August 1944




Lancaster I PA163 crashed into Lovns Bredning bay 29/8 1944

Lancaster I LM184 crashed Aalestrup 29/8 1944

Lancaster III PB202 crashed at Førby Hede heath 30/8 1944

Lancaster X KB709 crashed in the sea of Kattegat 6 miles off the island of Anholt 30/8 1944

Lancaster III PB143 crashed at Ingerslev / Estruplund 30/8 1944

Lancaster III NE144 ditched in the sea of Kattegat off the island of Anholt 30/8 1944

Lancaster III EE193 crashed in the sea of Kattegat 30/8 1944

Lancaster I ME718 crashed at Ove 30/8 1944

Lancaster III PB436 crashed Gunderup 30/8 1944

Lancaster I LM116 crashed near Karup 30/8 1944

Lancaster III LM479 crashed Dejbjerg 30/8 1944




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