Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Mosquito VI NS906 crashed Grib Skov forest on the island of Sjælland 30/9 1944.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 418 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded TH-W.
T/O 14:23 Coltishall. OP: Day ranger to Denmark.

Together with a Mosquito piloted by F/Lt Miller, NS906 piloted by F/Lt Robin H. Thomas and navigated by F/O Gilbert J. Allin took off from Coltishall for a Day Ranger to Denmark. They crossed the Danish west coast near Thorsminde and passed Fliegerhorst Grove on the way to Aalborg where Miller claimed to have shot down a Bf 109. At 16:58 hours they attacked a train south east of Roskilde on the island of Sjælland. The Mosquito`s passed Fliegerhorst Værløse and at 18:30 hours they were fired at by Batterie Flakfort east of København.


                (Michael Ahlström)

F/O Gilbert J. Allin


       (Michael Ahlström)

F/Lt Robin H. Thomas

Shortly after, at 18:35 hours NS906 hit the tree tops of Grib Skov forest, lost a wing and crashed to the ground. The two flyers were thrown clear of the wreck and were found five metres away from it. Burning petrol from the Mosquito had however spread and set the flyers alight.
It was not possibly for local people to do anything to help.
Germans from the local garrison under the command of Leutnant Schmidt arrived and the area was sealed off until a detachment from Fliegerhorst Værløse arrived.
The charred remains of the flyers were left laying on the ground while the Germans started to search the Mosquito wreck on the next day.
Forest supervisor Arendrup and Reverend Magelund requested that they should have the flyers handed over for a proper burial. This was denied by the Germans who stated that they would give the flyers a proper Christian burial ceremony from a church. This did however not happen.

In 1947 the British troops found a German report that stated that the flyers had been buried not far from the crash site, and on 15/9 1947 a search was mounted. But to no avail.
To this day the bodies have not been found.

In 22/7 1945 local people erected a memorial on the spot where the Mosquito crashed.



          (Bent Løwe)


         (Bent Løwe)


         (Bent Løwe)


Sources: FT, UA, CWGC, LBUK, KTB Dänische Inseln.



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