Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Mustang P 51C 44-25046 crashed into the sea of Kattegat 7/10 1944.

The aircraft belonged to USAAF, 8 Air Force, 20 Fighter Group, 77 Fighter Squadron and was coded LC-Q.
T/O Kingscliffe. OP: Bomber escort to Politz.

During a low level attack on a airfield near Peenemünde the Mustang which was named “Kathleen” was hit in the engine and the coolant system and 2nd Lt Charles W. Dungan realised that he would not be able to make it back to England and set course for Sweden.

                      (Dungan via Helme)

Mustang P 51C 44-25064 “Kathleen”

Due to bad weather he lost track and at 13:42 hours when the engine started seizing he called on the radio and announced that he would bale out.
The Mustang crashed into the sea of Kattegat 20-25 kilometres northeast of Gilleleje.
Dungan landed safely in the water and entered his dinghy.
On 8/10 after 26 hours in the dinghy he was able to wade ashore at Udsholt Strand beach on the island of Sjælland.

                                  (Dungan via Helme)

2nd Lt Charles W. Dungan

He was wet and tired when the two elderly ladies Miss Heise and Miss Pern found him sitting in the dunes. They approached him cautiously and asked if they could be of any help.
When he answered in American and told them what had happened the ladies stepped aside and discussed what to do.
They quickly agreed that he should not be left for the Germans to arrest and decided to help him. They took him to the house in which they lived and made a fire in the garden on which they burned his dinghy and his flying suit. Next they prepared a meal for him and showed him to a room on the first floor where he could rest.

The next days were spent getting civilian clothes for Dungan and arranging contact to the resistance. They succeeded in both and on the third day Erik Sabroe with cover name “Peter” arrived on a tandem bicycle to take Dungan to København where he was handed over to other members of the resistance.
The team “Dansk-Svensk Flygtningetjeneste” who specialized in helping refugees to Sweden took over and on 11/10 1944 Dungan was sailed out of København northern harbour onboard fishing boat AA2 with Skipper Michelsen. In the middle of Ørsund sound he and one more passenger were transferred to fishing boat SD 712 “Margit” and taken to Malmö in Sweden.


Sources: Dungan vis Helme, MACR, ”Dansk-Svensk flygtningetjeneste”.



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