Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Stirling IV LK312 crashed into the Limfjorden on 5/3 1945.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 161 Sqn Bomber Command and was coded MA-W.
T/o 23:34 Tempsford. OP: SOE to Tablejam 209 (Between Hjørring and Frederikshavn in Northern Jutland).

On the way to the drop zone the Stirling crashed into the Limfjorden at 02:53 hours on the position 56`55`51 N 09`05`22 E. The whole crew perished.
On 12/5 the dead body of Pilot Wing Cdr. Michael A. Brogan was found in the Limfjorden. He was laid to rest in Fjerritslev cemetery on 15/5. Several members of the resistance movement took part in the ceremony.


The graves at Fjerritslev


 (Ruth Nabi)

 Navigator F/O Norman Clarke


 (Ruth Nabi)

 Navigator F/O Norman Clarke


On 18/5 the bodies of Navigator F/O Norman Clarke and Air Bomber F/O Henry T. Wigley DFC was found washed ashore near Løgstør. They were laid to rest in Løgstør cemetery.
The graveside ceremony was performed by the Rev. Engel Jensen, Ranum.
Also participating were members of the resistance and a detachment of British soldiers based in Aalborg.

On 20/5 the body of W/Op F/Lt Harold O. Sharman was found on the water`s edge at Bygholm Vejler. He was laid to rest in Fjerritslev cemetery on 23/5.


 (Fjerritslev lokalarkiv via Bob Cobley)

The funeral of W/Op F/Lt Harold O. Sharman

On 21/5 the body of Air Gnr. Wt/O Frederick Mahoney was found washed ashore. He was laid to rest in Løgstør cemetery with full military honours.


The graves at Løgstør

The body of Flt. Engr. F/O Frederick J. Watson DFM was found on 22/5 in the Limfjord near Feggeøre on the north end of the Island Mors. He was laid to rest in Sejerslev cemetery on 26/5 by the local vicar.


The grave at Sejerslev cemetery



Fighting for freedom, the demand of life for us as well as those back home.
You gave your life. We gave you a grave, thankfully we shall not forget your name.


                    (Via Finn Buch)

Air Gnr. Wt/O Eric Edward Gray

The body of Air Gnr. Wt/O Eric Edward Gray was on 8/6 1945 found in the water to the west of Løgstør by fisherman Johannes Væver during an evening stroll on the beach. Gray was laid to rest in Løgstør cemetery on 12/6. Rev. Johansen officiated at the graveside ceremony. Also participating was a guard of honour from the resistance movement.
The wreck of LK312 was salvaged by the ship M/S Gudrun in June 1945.







Sources: Stirling File, The Danish Lighthouse Administration, CWGC, Newspaper: Social-Demokraten.


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