Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Stirling IV LJ950 ”landed” on Tipperne on 27/4 1945

The aircraft belonged to RAF 295 Sqn 38 Group Fighter Command and was coded 8Z-U
T/o 21:18 Rivenhall OP : SOE to Tablejam 258 southeast of Odense

Stirling LJ950 returned towards west after having dropped 24 containers and two packages on TJ 258,  and came under fire from flak based at Stauning.
While trying to avoid the flak, the Stirling touched the water at 00:15 hours and came down in Ringkobing Fjord just to the west of Tipperne.

As a result Air Bomber F/O Charles G. Smale suffered from internal injuries.
The whole crew were taken prisoners by the Hungarian troops based at Nymindegab and Smale was taken to the German lazarett at Horne where he died on 8/5 1945, apparently due to carelessness by the German doctors. On 10/5 1945 he was laid to rest in Horne cemetery.


                                      (V. Andersen)

Air Bomber F/O Charles G. Smale´s funeral at Horne Cemetery

                                 (V. Andersen)

The rest of the crew which consisted of Pilot F/O Thomas H. Griffiths, Navigator F/S Eric R. Goodare, W/Op Sgt. William H. Oates, Air Gnr. Sgt. Denis  O`Connor and Flt. Engr. Sgt James Rafferty spent the next couple of days in the army camp at Nymindegab.

On 30/4 they were sent to Pinneberg just northwest of Hamburg where they stayed until liberated by English troops on 5/5 1945.


                (Jon Goodare)

Goodare call up letter

               (Jon Goodare)

Believed to be the surviving crew
Goodare front right

             (Jon Goodare)

Believed to be the crew at Pinneberg

                 (Jon Goodare)

Believed to be the crew at Pinneberg
Goodare second from left

                  (Jon Goodare)

Goodare reported missing

             (Jon Goodare)

Goodare ID card

Sources: AIR 27/1644, LBUK, CWGC, SF, Pow de briefings.


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