Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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GO 145A landed near Nakskov 7/10 1939.

The aircraft belonged to Fl. Sch. See and was coded WL+IMRR.
T/O Barth 14:23. OP: Flight training.

Gefreiter Franz Heinrich Kraus was on his second flight that day when he lost orientation. After having flown over the clouds for 1½ hour fuel was running low and he dived to 200 metres. He was over open sea and after a while he saw a coastline and headed in that direction, believing that it was Rügen.

When he was over land he saw a village and a red flag with a white cross. He thought that it was the flag of the Red Cross and it convinced him that he actually was over Rügen. He only had fuel for another 20 minutes, and since he saw no airfields he decided to land in a field.

                                    (Via Helme)

Shortly before 17:00 hours he landed in a field belonging to Farmer Rytter, Landet parish near Nakskov on the Danish island of Lolland.
Kraus used the telephone of Farmer Rytter to call the German Consul at Nakskov who in turn called the Danish police in Nakskov. A number of constables were send to Rytters farm to question the flyer and to guard the aircraft. Later in the evening also Danish military personnel arrived to take part in the questioning. After questioning Kraus was taken to hotel “Harmonien” in Nakskov where he was kept under guard.
On 12/10 it was decided by the Danish authorities that Kraus and his aircraft should be allowed to return to Germany and that Kraus should be allowed to buy the petrol necessary to do so.

On 16/10 Kraus was released and Flugzeugführer Burmeister arrived from Germany to fly the
GO 145A back to Barth.


                                      (Via Helme)

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