Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Heinkel 111H crash landed on the island of Fanø 8/10 1939.

The aircraft belonged to 4./ KG 26 and was coded 1H+LM.
T/O 11:30 Lüneburg. OP: Anti shipping.

While heading back to base over the North Sea at 1000 metres the left engine quit due to low fuel and shortly after the right engine quit and pilot Oberfeldwebel Hans Immel turned towards the Danish island of Fanø. When he reached the island the speed of the Heinkel had dropped too much to turn the aircraft to land on the beach and he had to land it straight ahead in the Fanø dune plantation. The He 111 came to rest after having torn down some telephone wire and a large number of trees. The time was 17:05 hours and the He 111 was a complete wreck.
Apart from Immel the crew were Navigator Leutnant Werner Wanderer, W/Op Gefreiter Kurt Büchner and Flight engineer Unteroffizier Anton Brunner.





They were by the Danish police taken to the Palads Hotel in Esbjerg where they were questioned on the next day. That is except Brunner who had damaged his right foot slightly and had been taken to the Sct. Joseph Hospital for treatment and later questioning.
On 12/10 they were taken to Viborg and interned in the barracks of the Danish army until 4/11-39 when they were moved to Hald near Viborg.
Here they stayed until Denmark was occupied by the Germans on 9/4 1940.








Sources: UA, Cockpit 2/97, RL 2 III/184, Vestkysten newspaper.



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