Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 111H 5390 crashlanded at Hjemsted near Skærbæk 11/1 1940.

The aircraft belonged to 2./ KG 26 and was coded 1H+EK.
T/o 14:00 Blankensee. Op: Anti shipping.

The Heinkel was seen over the island of Rømø at 21:20 hours on a north-easterly heading, at 21:25 hours over Brøns on a southerly heading and dropping flares south of there and at 21:28 over Brøns on a northerly heading. At 21:35 hours it did a rather ruff belly landing near Hjemsted as it crossed a number of ditches.

                                (Via Finn Buch)


When it lay still, the crew set fire to it and told onlookers to keep distance as there were ammunition and flares onboard, but no bombs as these had been used. The police constable from Skærbæk soon arrived and arranged for the flyers to be driven to the police station in Skærbæk for questioning. Later they were taken to the police station in Tønder and finally at 24:00 hours handed over to the Danish army at the barracks in Tønder.

The flyers who were Pilot Unteroffizier Alfred G. Reimer, Navigator Unteroffizier Richard J. Hilland, W/Op Feldwebel Carl W. Wiedmayer and Flt. Engr. Oberfeldwebel Walther M. K. Schmidt were next send to Hald near Viborg where they were interned until the German occupation of Denmark on 9/4 1940.

                          (Via Torben Vinge Christensen)


                   (Via Torben Vinge Christensen)


Sources: RL 2 III/184, Helme, UA, Newspaper Politiken, Sven Oksen, Seenotzentrale.



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