Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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JU 88A-1 crashlanded at Købelev 16/3 1940.

The aircraft belonged to 3./KG 30 and was coded 4D+AL.
T/o 16:00 approx. Marx . Op: Scape Flow.

When returning from Scape Flow with battle damage the crew lost its way and first saw land when flying over the Danish island of Lolland. The Ju 88 circled for a while and dropped flares before it at approximately 23:30 hours belly landed at Magelunde gård farm near Nakskov. The crew set fire to the Ju 88 and left the site.

                                  (Via Helme)

On 18/3 at 01:30 hours Unteroffizier Erich Klose knocked on the door at “Birkemosegaard” farm near Vindeby and asked for food. Farmer Alfred Pedersen asked him in and served coffee and bread before he called the police. Klose was taken to the police station in Nakskov for questioning and later quartered at Hotel “Harmonien”.

At 04:00 hours in the morning the herdsman at “Birkemosegaard” started the days work in the cowshed and found three German flyers. The police was again called to “Birkemosegaard” and took the flyers to Nakskov. They were Unteroffizier Siegfried Werner Matner, Obergefreiter Fritz Wilhelm Gottlebe and Obergefreiter Hans Erich Voss. They explained that they had walked west after the landing and had hidden in a seaweed shack for the day and only left it when darkness fell.

They had arrived at the farm during the night and had hidden in the cowshed. They did not want to tell about their mission. They too were quartered at the hotel “Harmonien”.
On 20/3 the flyers were transferred to Hald near Viborg, where they were interned until 9/4 1940 when the Germans occupied Denmark.


                           (Via Helme)

Sources: UA, Newspaper “Nationaltidende”, RL 2 III/1173.



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