Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Heinkel 111J serial number 5169 ditched in the North Sea off Denmark 11/5 1940

The aircraft belonged to 2.KüFlGr. 806 and was coded M7+BK
T/O Uetersen Op: Attack on British naval flotilla RZ.

The He 111 was badly damaged by escort Hudsons of No. 224 Squadron with crew P/O Bradshaw, P/O Greenway, and P/O Hurley during attack on British naval flotilla RZ.

On its way back to base it radioed at 16:29 hrs that it was making a forced landing in the North Sea off Denmark but did not ask for assistance.

Apparently the ditching did not go well and the aircraft was a 100 % loss.

Beobachter Leutnant zur See Heinz Brücker and Bordmechanicher Fw Friedrich Berges have no know graves.

Bordfunker Feldwebel Rainer Herchenbach was found washed ashore on Tornby beach on 24/7-1940 and was laid to rest in Hjørring cemetery on 26/7 1940.

Flugzeug Führer Unteroffizier Wolfgang Kirschbaum was found washed ashore by Hansted and was laid to rest in Hansted cemetery on 24/7.


 (Museumscenter Hanstholm)

Guard of honour at the beach where Kirschbaum was found washed up


     (Museumscenter Hanstholm)

     (Museumscenter Hanstholm)

     (Museumscenter Hanstholm)


     (Museumscenter Hanstholm)


Herchenbach and Kirchbaum were both transferred to Grove cemetery in November 1967.


     (Flemming Hansen)



     (Flemming Hansen)


Sources: Jens Andersen / Museumscenter Hanstholm, Peter Cornwell, Matti Salonen, KTB KFG 806, Parish Register Hjørring.


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