Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 59 werk nummer 1519 emergency landed Præstbro 10/10 1940. 

The aircraft belonged to KüFlSt 1./706 and was coded 6I+DK
T/o Aalborg See  Op: Luftvorpostenstreifen.

The He 59 took off from Aalborg See at 08:45 hrs for patrol duties. Due to engine problems it emergency landed in a field east of the village of Præstbro at 15:45 hrs.

The aircraft was seen coming from northwest with a man, most likely the engineer, standing on the wing, apparently trying to repair the faulty engine which propeller was not turning.

Before landing in a field belonging to the farm Lundsbæk a couple of depth charges was dropped in an adjoining field. During the landing the left-hand float collapsed and the He 59 came to rest on the left wing.

The crew of four was unharmed, and was billeted for the night at the Lundsbæk farm while the He 59 was guarded by the local police and the Parish executive Officer.

Next day an officer arrived in a Fi 156 Storch to evaluate the damage to the aircraft. When they left again there was three persons in the Storch. To be able to profit of whatever little wind there was, it started up a shallow hill. It got the wheels in a ditch, jumped back up, hit a fence and damaged the propeller and the rudder. On the next day, spares arrived and it flew out of there.

 Engineers arrived to disassemble the He 59. First a scaffold was built to support the damaged wing and level the aircraft. The work started. After two to three weeks is had all been taken apart and was taken to Aalborg on a flatbed truck. Some of the petrol left in the He 59 had by then been sold to local farmers by the crew members.







Sources: KTB Führer der Seeluftstreitkräfte Ost via Jørn Junker


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