Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 115 emergency landed in the sea of Kattegat east of Skagen 2/5-1940.

The aircraft belonged to 1./906 and was coded 8L+IH.
T/O: Aalborg See.  Op: Operational flight.

The He 115 8L+IH took off at 11:52 hrs for a Sicherung flight for the “Schnelltransporter” ship “Ahrensburg” which sailed from Frederikshavn to Larvik, Norway.

At 13:37 hrs it was reported that the He 115 8L+IH had made an emergency landed in Square 4464 (This is in Kattegat east of Skagen) and was in need for assistance.

He 115 8L+DH was ordered to fly to the emergency landing place and if need be, drop a lifeboat. Take off 14:16 hrs.

At 14:17 hrs it was reported that a boat from the “Fischereischützflottille” was on its way to assist the He 115, so the He 115 8L+IH was ordered to return to Aalborg.

At 15:10 hrs it was reported that the 8L+IH har been taken in tow by R 29 and that Flugzeugführer Leutnant z. See Richard had entered the boat.

At 19:25 the aircraft had been anchored by Frederikshavn.

Apparently, there was no damage to aircraft or crew.







Source: KTB K.Fl.Gr.906, RM 70-14- KTB R 26 via Jens Andersen, Bunkermuseum Hanstholm.


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