Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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JU 88A-1 serial number 4076 damaged during start at Fliegerhorst Aalborg West 27/8 1940.

The aircraft belonged to 9./ KG 30 and was coded ?
T/o Aalborg West. Op: Training.

The JU 88 started its take off at 13:15 hours.
When the JU 88 had reached the speed of 150-200 kilometres per hour one engine quit and the aircraft swayed to one side and turned towards a number of Danish workers.

Those who saw the aircraft coming ran for their life or dived into a ditch.
The Danish work foreman Niels Peter Knudsen was standing with his back towards the Ju 88 near a lamp post when the JU 88 hit the post and lost a wheel before it continued 10 metres towards Knudsen and hit him in the back with the propeller.

Knudsen died immediately and the JU 88 was 30% damaged.


Sources: RL 2 III/1174, AS 49-2.


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