Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Avia B 71 werk nummer 204 emergency landed near Vejle 27/2 1941.

The aircraft belonged to Luftdienstkommando 1/7 and was coded SE+FL.
T/o ? Op: ?

The aircraft made an emergency landing at Svinholt south of Vejle at 16:15 hours due to snowstorm.
It landed in a field belonging to “Roulegaard” farm and nearly hit a young girl who was walking form “Dahlsgaard” farm to “Roulegaard”.

The B 71 hit a beet clamp and one landing gear was torn off and the aircraft rotated around the wing that hit the ground. There were two crew members onboard and they were both unharmed.
They used the telephone at “Roulegaard” and shortly after, 6 soldiers and an unteroffizier arrived from Vejle to guard the aircraft.
A quite German friendly Police constable named Kristensen soon arrived from Børkop and demanded that the guard should be given a room with a telephone.
The soldiers and the Unteroffizier were housed at “Roulegaard” until noon next day when they were relieved by a new team that would stay for another day and so on. They would take turns in guarding the aircraft for two hours at the time.

After a while a Luftwaffe team arrived to take the aircraft apart and to transport it back to base.


                                           (Vejle Lokalarkiv)

Sources: AS 35-53 + 33-15.


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