Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju W34 (See) serial number 1397 crash landed near Trustrup 24/4 1941.

The aircraft belonged to Luft Dienst Kommando 64 and was coded ?.
T/o Aalborg. Op: Postal flight to Hamburg.

The Ju W34(See) suffered from a broken petrol pipe and in the afternoon at approximately 16:00 hours the aircraft was seen approaching a field belonging to Lyngdalgaard farm from the north preparing for a landing.
Just before touch down Pilot Unteroffizier Schloder noticed some electrical wirer that crossed the field. He pulled the aircraft up and just got over the wires. When the aircraft had passed the wires and was nearing the field again he nearly hit a man who was harrowing the field. Schloder turned sharply to one side and hit the field on one float that was torn off. When he finally landed in the field he hit his head on the front window.
The Ju W34 was 40% damaged.

Together with Schloder were two more flyers. They borrowed a telephone on the next farm south of Lyngdalgaard and called Luftwaffe. Two teams arrived.
A team of young soldiers stayed near the aircraft which they took apart. They were only seen on the farm when they wanted to buy milk. The other team were elderly men, who billeted in the horse stable. Apparently they were supposed to guard the aircraft. After a few days the young team pulled the aircraft parts across the fields to the nearest road where the parts were loaded on trucks and taken to Grenå.

Sources: LBUK, JJ, Harry + Arthur Jensen of Lyngdalgaard farm.



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