Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Bü 131 hit Danish man near Fiskbæk 20/7 1941.

The aircraft belonged to Jagdgruppe Drontheim (Jagdfl. Schule 3) and was coded 33
T/o Grove. Op: Training.

On Sunday 20/7 Carpenter Sofus Fruergaard Jensen was on a bicycle trip from Nr. Ørum to Hjarbæk with his wife and some friends. When they were passing Fiskbæk Bridge on the main road between Viborg and Skive they noticed two German bi-planes that were flying very low in the area and stopped to watch them. Fruergaard Jensen was standing next to his bicycle a couple of hundred metres from his wife and friends when suddenly one of the aircraft`s headed for him and just pulled up when it passed the road. The tail wheel hit Fruerlund Jensen in the head and he fell to the ground with blood pouring from ears and mouth. He was killed instantly.

The aircraft passed over the road once more and then turned towards south and disappeared. The aircraft was identified by the witnesses as being a small dark grey bi-plane with the number 33 written on it.
Apparently the Luftwaffe found it difficult to identify the plane and a demonstration flight was arranged with the two types of bi-planes that had been in the air on 20/7. One type was a larger single engine bi-plane with yellow tail and lower engine cowling and a certain whistling sound, the other was a smaller dark grey bi-plane. The witnesses all agreed on the smaller grey aircraft.
The pilots of the two aircrafts that had been flying low were identified and brought before The Feldgericht der Luftwaffe in Aarhus.
Gefreiter Schwandtke was sentenced to five years in prison and loss of rank for illegal low flying and for killing Fruergaard Jensen.
Gefreiter Flachmeyer was sentenced to four years in jail and loss of rank for illegal low flying.

Authors note: On Fliegerhorst Grove was at that time operated Avia 534 and Bü 131 bi-planes.



Sources: LBUK, AS 58-17.



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