Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Bf 109C-1 serial number 0327 emergency landed near Serup 25/10 1941.

The aircraft belonged to Jagdgruppe Drontheim (Jagdfl. Schule 3) and was coded ?
T/o Grove. Op: Training.

The Bf 109 was circling high in the sky north of Silkeborg with three more aircrafts when it collided with Bf 109B-1 serial number 0605 that crashed.
The pilot of Bf 109C-1 serial number 0327 set course for Fliegerhorst Grove with his two comrades but after about 10 kilometres he had to belly land the BF 109 in a field belonging to Farmer Peter Vestergaard, Serup while the two other aircrafts circled the area.
The pilot hit his forehead and was taken to the hospital in Silkeborg for treatment. When he visited the location the day after, he was wearing a bandage.

A team from Fliegerhorst Grove collected the aircraft on 26/10.

Sources: RL 2 III/765+1178, LBUK, AS 38-80.



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