Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 115 serial number 2083 crashed in the sea of Skagerak off Hirtshals 21/12 1941.

The aircraft belonged to 1./ Küstenfliegergruppe 706 and was coded ?
T/o ? Op: Recce of the North Sea.

The crew called on the radio at 14:44 hours and reported engine failure and that they would attempt an emergency landing, and that they needed assistance. A minute later the He 115 landed in the sea 250 metres off Hirtshals lighthouse and sank. The German rescue of Hirtshals was alarmed and set out to the aircraft. When it came near the wreck of the aircraft it prepared to set a dinghy in the sea, but a wave washed the dinghy and two sailors overboard.
A little later the Danish rescue launch of Hirtshals was alarmed by the Germans and at 15:15 hours it set out from the harbour. On his way to the harbour the head of the launch had noticed a person who was drifting in the sea in a life jacket west of the harbour being dragged ashore and ordered the launch to search that area.
About 150 meters from the pier and 150 metres from the beach the launch picked up the dinghy with the two sailors clinging to it. As one of the sailors was in a pretty bad shape, the launch sailed back to the harbour and handed them over to the Germans before it at 15:40 hours continued its search for survivors.
A little east of the harbour the launch found a dinghy with a man attached to it by a rope. He was taken aboard the launch but was found to be dead. The search continued until 16:25 hours without result.

The two flyers that had been brought ashore were Pilot Staffelkapitän Oberleutnant Armin Schmidt and Wop Obergefreiter Norbert Vogel. They were laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on 27/12 1941.

The body of Observer Oberleutnant z. See was found on the west coast of Sweden on 14/1 1941 and was laid to rest in Göteborg cemetery. His remains were brought back to Germany after the war.

Sources: WASt, RL 2 III/756+1179, LWIS, BF, Journal of the Hirtshals rescue launch, LBUK, KTN.



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