Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Three Avia 534 emergency landed at Padborg 24/3 1942.

The aircraft belonged to Jagdgruppe Drontheim (Jagdfl. Schule 3) and was coded ?
T/o ? Op: Training.

The three Avia 534 landed at 17:30 hours in a field belonging to Farmer Anders Thomsen Jensen, Nygade in Padborg. The landing was due to low fuel and the fact that the flyers were not able to locate  Flensburg airfield.
The aircrafts was described as “Beutenflugzeuge” ( Booty aircrafts) used for training and piloted by an Unteroffizier and two Obergefreiters.

The first two aircrafts landed without problems while the third aircraft hit a hedge and lost its landing gear and crash landed. There was damage to the tank, wings and propeller.

The two undamaged aircrafts took off again on the next day while the damaged aircraft was taken apart by a crew from Flughafenbereich Flensburg.
It was loaded on a truck and taken to Flensburg on 27/3.

Sources: T-501, LBUK, AS 70-86+105, JJ.


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