Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 177A-1 serial number 5161 crashed in the sea of Kattegat off Melby 2/9 1942.

The aircraft belonged to 2./ KG 50 and was coded ?
T/o Fliegerplatz Værløse. Op: Training.

The He 177 was visiting the Schiesschule Værløse when it crashed into the sea of Skagerak off Melby due to pilot error killing the crew. A search for the crew was launched by Flugsicherungsschiff “Phoenix” but it did not find any crew members or wreckage.
On the morning of 3/9 the Danish salvage vessel S/S Sigyn arrived to assist and together the two ships pulled their anchors over the sea bed to locate the wreck.
At 11:00 hours they both got hold of something heavy and a German diver was send down to investigate. He reported back that they had found the wreckage that was spread widely over the sea bed.
At 15:00 hours the ships and both a German and a Danish diver started to salvage parts of the aircraft but did not find any of the flyers.
At 21:00 hours it had become windy and the work stopped. The next day it was to windy for “Phoenix” to work and “Sigyn” set course for Helsingør for coal. As it could not get any coal in Helsingør it diverted to København where it could get coal from Marineausrüstungsstelle.
On the morning of 6/9 Hauptman Scharff of Kriegsmarinestelle called and announced that “Sigyn” would not be needed any more as “Phoenix” would be able to do the job on its own.
On Saturday 12/9 “Phoenix” had finished the job and on Monday 14/9 Fl. Obering, Elers of Technische Leitung, Værløse started arranging to have the wreckage transferred to Fliegerplats Værløse. It was considered to be 100% damaged.

Pilot Oberleutnant Franz Waldeck, Waffeninspektor Walter Kuhlmann of Reisestab L. In. 5 Teilst. 10, Wop Feldwebel Heinz Splinter and Engineer Unteroffizier Willi Werth has no known graves while Air gunner Obergefreiter Werner Homberg rest in København Vestre cemetery.

Sources: WaSt, RL 2 III/ 1183, KTB Seenotbezirkstelle Aalborg, Svitzer recovery report via Flemming Hansen.


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