Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Do 217J serial number 1286 crashed near Vinderup 10/9 1942.

The aircraft belonged to 7./ NJG 2 and was coded ?
T/o Grove. Op: Feindflug.

The Do 217 was hit by return fire when it at 04:09 hours claimed Lancaster R5628 over the North Sea 10 kilometres southwest of Thyborön. Pilot Unteroffizier Fritz Hobusch set course towards Fliegerhorst Grove but only managed to keep the Do 217 flying for another 12 minutes. Just when it had crossed Venø Bay it was necessary for the crew to leave it by parachute. The aircraft crashed in a field belonging to Landting Hovedgaard farm near Vinderup and was a 100% loss.
One flyer landed near Hasselholt and borrowed a telephone at Farmer Christian Skovs place. He called the local police and asked to be picked up as he had hurt his back upon landing. Constable Karlov picked him up in a car and took him to Doctor Helms in Vinderup who ordered the flyer taken to the hospital. The flyer however wanted to be taken to the crash site, and taken from there by German ambulance to Grove.
Soon after, Doctor Helms received a call from Farmer Christian Mortensen of Hasselholt who asked the doctor to treat a German flyer that had landed nearby and had damaged a leg during landing. The doctor picked the flyer up and took him to the crash site after examining the leg.
The third flyer landed near the farm of Farmer Johannes Nielsen of Hasselholt. He was unhurt and was taken by horse carriage to the police station by the farmer’s son Villads.

It is known that Pilot Unteroffizier Fritz Hobusch and Wop Unteroffizier Walter Günter were both injured, while the name of the unharmed crew member is not known.

Sources: RL 2 III/763, AD, AS 60-118, LBUK.


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