Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ar 96B-3 serial number 4462 collided with Ar 96 near Fliegerhorst Grove 7/10 1942.

The aircraft belonged to Jagdgruppe Drontheim (Jagdfl. Schule 3) and was coded ?
T/o Grove. Op: Training.

At noon Ar 96B-3 serial number 4462 collided with Ar 96B-3 serial number 4387 over Uhre northeast of Fliegerhorst Grove and crashed to the ground and was a 100% loss.
Student pilot Unteroffizier Rudolf Heyne died and was laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 13/10 1942.
The two Ar 92 collided and one aircraft lost the engine that fell in a meadow belonging to Aage Andersen, Uhrevej 70, Karup.
The pilot bailed out but a too low a altitude for his parachute to deploy and was found standing in the soft ground. He had sunk to his chest and was dead.

The Ar 96 without engine fell like a falling leaf and hit the ground about 50 metres north of the pilot.
A Dane who was cutting peat in the next field saw the falling aircraft and ran scared to a nearby wood where he hid. Later the same day he was found there by people looking for him but he did not want to come out in the open as he was afraid of the aircrafts falling from the sky. He was later admitted to section Y for the mentally deranged in the hospital in Viborg, and never recovered.

The second Ar 96 crashed in a shallow dive with the pilot still inside. He too died.


Sources: RL 2 III/773, WaSt, LBUK.



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