Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

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BV 138 serial number 126 crashed in Øresund 12/10 1942.

The aircraft belonged to 1./ Fl. Erg.Gruppe (See) Kamp and was coded DF+NF
T/o København See. Op: Training.

The aircraft crashed just after take off due to engine failure killing the whole crew.

The dead body of Pilot Oberfeldwebel Rudolf Niebel was found in the Øresund off Snekkersten on 2/11. The body was handed over to the Wehrmacht in Helsingør and laid to rest in København Vestre cemetery.
In this cemetery also rest Pilot Unteroffizier Albert Essig, Pilot Unteroffizier Hans Kaiser and Wop Unteroffizier walter Wulff.
Engineer Gefreiter Heinrich Schubert was found washed ashore in Lundåkrabugten bay in Sweden on 21/11 and was laid to rest in Hofterup cemetery on 26/11 1942. After the war he was moved to Helsingborg cemetery.

Sources: LBUK, RL 2 III/773, LWIS.


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