Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88 D-1 0881515 crashed in the North Sea 29/7-1942


The aircraft belonged to 3.(F)/ 122 and was coded F6+EL
T/o Creil. Op: Feindflug


The Ju 88D-1 took off from Creil on a feindflug apparently to attack conwoys.
At 20:45 hrs, when flying at sea level over the North Sea approx. 15 miles northeast of Happisburgh, the Ju 88 was attacked by a pair of Whirlwind fighters from 137 Sqn on conwoy patrol.

Notwithstanding violent evasive action and fire from the Ju 88 it shot down in flames and crashed into the North Sea.

Whirlwind  P7058 was piloted by F/S J.A. Rebbetoy and P7005 piloted by Sgt H. O`Neill. P7005 received hits from return fire in the nose cowling.


AIR 50-59-38/39 Combat report: 2 Whirlwinds 137 Sqn Red Section, Red 1 Rebbetoy, Red 2 O’Neill, took off to patrol convoy “Ribald” at 2020 and landed at Matlaske 2115. At 2047 hrs 15 miles NE of Happisburgh on vector 115 degrees, Red 1 at 1500 ft and Red 2 at 200 ft, Red 2 sighted an 88 coming across in front 200 yards away from port to starboard. Red 2 informed Red 1 that 88 was to starboard and red 1 immediately banked to starboard and immediately recognised 88 which was climbing about 300 yards away. EA then turned to port followed by red 1 who gave a 1 second burst allowing 1.5 rings deflection from 250 yards. No results observed, red 1 broke away to starboard and Red 2 who had climbed to 3000 feet now saw EA turning towards him 250 yards away and 50 feet above. He gave a 2 second burst allowing 1 ring deflection and saw strikes on nose of e/a and shells passing underneath. He broke away and e/a dived to port down to down to 2000 feet turned to starboard and started to climb again very steeply followed by our section. Red 1 gave a 1 second burst from 100 yards range from 30 degrees starboard astern allowing ¾-1 ring deflection seeing red flashes on starboard motor and fuselage and e/a turned to port. Red 1 broke away directly underneath aircraft and red 2 came in the on the port side and gave two short bursts from 250 yards astern 30 degrees to port, height 4000 ft, observing no results. Red 1 saw tracer just skimming underneath plane, Ju 88 continued to climb steeply and Red 1 gave a 2 second burst from 100 yards dead astern closing to 50 yards., finishing his ammo and seeing strikes underneath aircraft on starboard engine EA then dived very steeply to port white smoke pouring from the starboard engine and levelled off at sea level. Red 2 finished his ammo from 100 ft above and continued firing cine gun. Red 2 on port and Red 1 on starboard side followed e/a for 15 miles and saw Ju 88 jettison bombs. Red 1 told controller to send out another section and continued to transmit fixes. Flames now appeared under starboard wing of Ju 88 which hit the sea bursting into flames. Film was taken of this. A yellow dinghy was seen upside down but no sign of survivors. Section now returned to base, red 1 on one engine RPMs being down. Heavy return fire experienced from top gun and once from lower. JU88 shot down 25 miles ENE of Happisburgh. Red 2 had one hit on nose of his a/c. Claim one 88 destroyed shared. Weather: heavy mist, 6/10 cloud, base 8000 to 10,000 ft. Visibility 1-2 miles. Cine guns exposed by both pilots. TOA 2047


Beobachter Oberleutnant Heinrich Henze,  Bordfunker Unteroffizier Ernst Schulte and Bordschütze Oberfeldwebel Richard Lossack have no known graves while the body of Flugzeugführer Unteroffizier Rodolf Pilz was found washed ashore on the Danish island of Fanø on 20/9-1942.

He was laid to rest in Esbjerg Fourfeld cemetery on 22/9-1942.



  (Flemming Hansen)




Sources: Kirketjenesten, BE, WaST via Matti Salonen, Fairlop via Ed North, AIR 27/954. Combat report via NiallC.


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