Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88A-5 serial number 6113 crashed in the sea of Kattegat 26/2 1943.

The aircraft belonged to 11./ KG 30 and was coded 4D+RV.
T/o Aalborg West. Op: Night navigation flight.

Pilot Feldwebel Ferdinand Nicklaus and his crew were on a night navigation training flight from Fliegerhorst Aalborg West to Kalundborg when the Ju 88 crashed into the sea of Kattegat killing the whole crew.
The Ju 88 was a 100% loss.

Wop Gefreiter Erich Wagner was found washed ashore near Steninge 15 kilometres north of Halmstad in Sweden on 26/6 1943 by the boy Arvid Hansenäs.
Wagner was laid to rest in Vestre Cemetery in Halmstad on 11/7-1943 with full military honours.


     (Via Dieter Friedrich)


    (Via Dieter Friedrich)


    (Via Dieter Friedrich)


    (Via Dieter Friedrich)


    (Via Dieter Friedrich)

Pictures from Wagners funeral in Halmstad

On 8/12 1966 his remains was taken to Helsingborg, and on 12 december 1966 he was laid to rest in Pålsjö cemetery in Helsingborg.

    (Dieter Friedrich)

Wagners headstone in Helsingborg

Note that the date of death is not correct on the headstone. The date given is the date that he experienced his first crash in Aalborg.  See:

Air gunner Unteroffizier Albert Redecker was found washed ashore on Bønnerup Strand beach near Stavnshoved on 19/5-43 at 13:45 hours by Fisherman Henry Ris. Receiver of Wrecks Adolf Larsen and the local Police constable Techen arranged to have the body taken to “Stavnsborg”.
Afterwards the Wehrmacht was informed, and they eventually collected the body and took it to Frederikshavn where it was laid to rest in the cemetery on 26/5 1943.

The body of Navigator Unteroffizier Harry Klette was found washed ashore 2 kilometres south of Sæby on 5/9 and was laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on 7/9 1943.

Pilot Feldwebel Ferdinand Nicklaus have no known grave.

Sources: WASt, Report Grenaa Police, VDK, Dieter Friedrich.



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