Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Bf 110G-4 serial number 5329 crashed near Løjt Skovby 24/5 1943.

The aircraft belonged to 6./ NJG 3 and was coded ?
T/o Schleswig. Op: Training.

The Bf 110 was seen circling the area when the sound from the engine changed as the left engine suffered a failure.
It flew towards East and then came back over Sønderskov and prepared to land.

Pilot Oberfeldwebel Helmut Teichmann noticed some electrical wires and turned away from these.
The aircraft passed low over the farm owned by Mathias Hansen and belly landed up a hill in a field belonging to Julius Nissen. It skidded along for about 70-100 metres before it came to a halt.
Apparently the landing was not successful as Pilot Oberfeldwebel Helmut Teichmann and Air gunner Leutnant Josef Zeit was killed.

Local people managed to free the injured Wop Feldwebel Wilhelm Gernat from the wreck and placed him next to it. He had broken his scull and was bandaged.
An ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital in Aabenraa where he died later the same day. Today he rest in Cernjachovsk cemetery near Insterburg.

Air gunner Leutnant Josef Zeit rest in Graz Krigsgräberstätte in Austria while the resting place of Pilot Oberfeldwebel Helmut Teichmann is unknown to the author.

The Ortskommandantur in Aabenraa was informed about the crash and soldiers was sent out to guard the wreck until it could be removed by Luftwaffe.

Sources: RL 2 III/1189, AS 68-154, LBUK, VDK.



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