Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 52/3m serial number 7509 emergency landed near Bælum 24/3 1944.

The aircraft belonged to Flugzeugführerschule B 31 and was coded DP+EH.
T/o Aalborg. Op: Training.

The Ju 52 had taken off from Fliegerhorst Aalborg West on a instrument training flight back to home base Brandis-Waldpolenz carrying food bought in Aalborg and parcels send by Luftwaffe personnel in Aalborg for family and friends. As all windows on the Ju 52 were covered by clothing, nobody saw Mosquito LR374 coded SY-W of RAF 613 squadron piloted by W/Cdr J. R. D. Braham and navigated by S/Ldr Robertson coming in from behind. Braham fired two bursts in the flank of the JU 52 while over Nr. Kongerslev and it immediately dived and made an emergency landing in a wet area of a bog east of “Smidie Østergaard” farm near Bælum and overturned when it slowed down. The time was now 15:14 hours. When the JU 52 had come to a halt it was strafed by the Mosquito before this set course for England.
Pilot Hauptman Fritz Müller and Student Wop Gefreiter Robert Gangl were wounded while Studen Wop Kurt Halbedel had been killed.

Peat was being cut in the bog and due to this a small rail with dumping wagons had been installed. Hauptman Fritz Müller was placed in a wagon and pushed over to “Dragsgård” farm from where he was taken for treatment. The remaining 6-7 soldiers walked up to “Smidie Østergaard” farm where they borrowed a old bathing tub. They brought it back to the aircraft and used it to bring the dead Kurt Halbedel to “Smidie Østergaard” farm where he was placed in the workshop until he was collected by a truck early in the evening. At the same time four guards under command of a Leytnant arrived to guard the aircraft. The soldiers were billeted at “Smidei Østergaard” farm while the officer stayed at “Dragsgård” farm.

A four man salvage team arrived on the next day to take the Ju 52 apart and take it to Aalborg. They were Josef Sepp, Herbert, Gustav and Ludvig and were billeted at “Smidie Østergaard” farm.

                            (Christian Bager)

The salvage team


They used snow fences to make a walkway through the wet area and dismantled the aircraft.


                            (Christian Bager)


Next they used the wince of a heavy truck to transport the parts to a dry surface from where it was taken to “Dragsgaard” farm. It was loaded on trucks and taken to Aalborg.

The JU 52 was 40% damaged.

Sources: WASt, JJ, RL 2 III/778.


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